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Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of mail and always want to answer your inquiries. That's why our staff has created this mini FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions. Just click on any question to display the answer inline on the page. This list is not exhaustive, and it will constantly be update with new Questions and Answers as and when we think of them (or you suggest them).

Website Interface

How do I log into the website?

You will see a new login form at the top of the page or you can go to the member area by Clicking Here

Is this a broadcasting website?

No. is not a broadcasting site, but a 3rd party site that incorporates Vaughnlive, Instagib, JustinTV, TwitchTV, Uvlog and Tinychat. You will need an existing account with these sites before you can create a channel here.

How do I edit my details?

Once you have logged in you will see icons, all you need to do is click the icon, change your details and click save.

How do I customize my channel?

When you log in, you will see a series of blue icons - click the Paintbrush "Edit Channel" icon or Empty Board with Pencil "Edit Playground" icon to open the corresponding editors. There are a series of excellent tutorials you can find on the YouTube channel, curtesy of NerdTech.

How do I get a "Billboard" banner featured on the homepage?

To get a promotional "Billboard" banner featured on the homepage, you will need to send an email to the Admin at with the banner as an attachment. The required dimensions are 923x291. Banners will not necessarily appear on the same day that you submit them, as they have to be approved by Admin first. Please make sure to include a time schedule for your shows on the banner, and please make sure you include the various timezones (GMT, EST, CST PST etc.) as well.

Is Adult Content allowed for banners & channel designs?

Adult Content in banners and channel designs is allowed, as is an 18+ site. However, nothing is allowed that would be deemed illegal - this includes US Law and the laws of your own country.

Can I delete my profile/channel?

Yes you sure can, login to your account and you will see Delete then it be all gone! Why are you leaving? Please give us feedback by clicking Contact Us

User Accounts

Why is my TinyChat saying enter password?

You need to make sure you have gone to Edit Social and included your TinyChat username in the box provided, then make sure you save the changes (button at the bottom of the pop-up screen) before closing the box. This should resolve your issue.

How Do I change my user profile photo?

Access your user Settings panel from the profile screen. Then click on your default profile photo to upload a new image.

What are the various user roles?

Currently only has a very small number of people working behind the scenes. These include; Max - the awesome and pure genius main Admin and owner/creator of the site, David Struve - he helped create this FAQ page, and is working on creating awesome channel designs for you to customize your channel with and NerdTech - he created the brilliant tutorial videos you have no doubt used (or may use in the future). If you feel you have the knowledge or talent and you want to contribute towards this sites success, then please don't hesitate to approach Max and offer up your help on the Facebook Page. It would be greatly appreciated!

Spam & Support

How can I get in touch with Staff Support?

To contact a member of Staff, please use the included contact/report page which you can find by going here and clicking on the blue Envelope icon. Here you can report any bugs you may have discovered, or ask a question that is not included in this FAQ (we may add it to this list at a later date). Please respect the Staff and Admin by not abusing this feature.

I have a problem with a channel/member. How do I report it?

In accordance to our Terms Of Service, we are not responsible for the content broadcast on Vaughnlive, Instagib, JustinTV, TwitchTV, Uvlog or Tinychat for the content of the chat rooms. Therefore users need to report abuse to the apropriate site. To read the TOS please go here. If you have an issue with a channel design, such as racist/sexist/offensive content in their Playground area or banners/general channel design, then please send an email detailing your issue, the channel url and include screenshots as proof to and an Admin will investigate it for you and take appropriate action.

Will I be able to delete all my account data?

The most effective way of deleting ALL of your account data is to delete your profile/channel. If you just wish to remove some of your data, then you simply remove the information you filled out in the corresponding boxes and save your changes. does not keep a record of users data, nor do we sell those details on to 3rd party organizations.

What Is vCasts?

We are the only embed site on the net! Customize your channel from your existing streaming websites and make it unique!


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